Evelyn Bence
Evelyn Bence
Author bio: Evelyn Bence’s most recent book is Room at My Table: Preparing Heart and Home for Christian Hospitality (Upper Room Books). Her personal essays have appeared in Washington Post, Washingtonian magazine, Books & Culture, Christianity Today, and she’s been a guest blogger at ArtHouseAmerica, Good Letters, Godspace, Seedbed, BuildingFaith, among others. An ongoing contributor to Daily Guideposts and a freelance editor, she lives in Arlington, Virginia.
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Come Saturday Morning

“Come and have breakfast.” It’s the resurrected Jesus inviting St. Peter to enjoy a morning meal. The sentiment frames my Saturday morning story, about a wild but winning neighbor girl with special needs—as impetuous as Peter—who barged into my life and heart. About five years ago, our breakfast routine started with her kicking at the door and yelling “Senorita!” through the mail slot, her plate in hand—tortillas and crème fraiche—persuasively...

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Participation: The Limits of Satisfaction

Decades ago I served beef shish kebabs to a family, setting out trays—and napkins—and suggesting that we all choose and skewer our own marinated meat and vegetables. I remember the meal only because of the mother’s quiet thank you, for including the children in the preparation. In his book Cooked, Michael Pollan counters a perceived domestic trend, that “the only legitimate form of leisure is consumption.” He’s encouraging consumers to...

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