Danielle Jones
Danielle Jones
Danielle Ayers Jones is a storyteller. Whether it’s with paper and pen or behind the lens, it’s one of the things she loves to do best. She combines her love of writing and photography on her blog, danielleayersjones.com. It’s a space where she seeks to find creativity in the everyday, joy in hardship, and encouragement in unexpected places. She's has written for iBelieve.com, Ungrind.org and FortheFamily.org. Danielle is wife to an amazing husband and mother to four.
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Finding Our Place

It was just a few weeks before Thanksgiving and we didn’t have a table. Well, technically we did have table. An old one we had bought through Craig’s List that fit the small space in our old house perfectly. It was distressed cream and snuggly seated six. But we’d moved into a blessing: a spacious house that boasted a huge dining room. We were hosting our first Thanksgiving and were...

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The Bitter and the Sweet

Sometimes reconciliation looks like sitting together around collapsible plastic tables in the fellowship hall of a funeral parlor. After the church hymns. After memories of light-as-a-feather yeast rolls and family dinners are shared at the microphone. After the grave site visit under a parched summer sky that makes me want to melt. After all that, we go back for the luncheon. And I talk to my cousins for the first...

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