Bronwyn Jardin
Bronwyn Jardin, newly retired from a lifetime of teaching theatre and language arts, is returning to the career she’s hoped to launch for years. A fellow of the ’93 Virginia Writing Project, and published poet, she is revising an unfinished novel, singing in her church choir, and hoping to play the “mature lady” roles in community theatre and film. She is blessed with three children, their spouses, and seven grandchildren. She and her high school sweetheart, Roy, still like long walks on the beach. “Praise the Lord, O my soul. I will praise the Lord all my life…” (Ps. 146: 1-2)
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After The Storm

My father’s big hands light a hurricane lamp and pull a porch chair closer to his. With a gentle touch on my shoulder, he bids me sit. Trembling joints remind me I have not rested once today. Crackling portable radio grates against my ears, still squawking emergency broadcast After-Disaster instructions. He places a paper plate and a cup of water in front of me on a t.v. tray and urges...

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Lessons in Carols and Losing Control of Christmas

Christmas 1998 with our friends, the Scotts in Virginia didn’t turn out as we all had planned. Over the decades, our families celebrated many times together. Gracious and organized, the Scotts always make us feel at home. But for all of their careful planning, Christmas Eve of ’98, became “night at the improv.”  Now, I like surprises. Don’t tell me what you are giving me for my birthday. I promise...

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