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The Bountiful Feast

“Is anyone joining us tonight?” she asks as she counts the plates for dinner. The fact that she doesn’t know this answer points to the varying numbers that gather around our little faux wood dining set. “Just us tonight,” I say, and flip another tortilla in the cast iron pan. There’s a stack of 15 tortillas on the plate and I’ve rolled out the last one. We won’t eat 16...

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On Apples, Trees and the Light of the World

Tonight I’m turning off the lights and letting the low light of the candle flicker over Bing Crosby’s voice. For hundreds of years, people have been lighting candles for one reason or another. For comfort. For light. For hope. For prayer. To show someone which way to go. To find the way themselves. Tonight I’m keeping them lit because they remind me that darkness cannot extinguish light. No matter how...

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An Intentional Bed

Sunday night was the night for Christmas cookies. Gingerbread rolled out and royal icing whipped, dark and white chocolate chips poured and butter creamed with sugar in the most beautiful sort of way. All of these concoctions resulted in our table being a floury mess and my clothes covered with whatever I happened to brush up against as we worked. We danced around each other in the kitchen, and I...

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Tea Parties and Bedheads

She has spread out a striped blanket on the floor. On it, she’s placed her finest china and an assortment of Melissa and Doug delicacies. “Would you like a piece of cake?” she asks. “The flowers are edible.” She hands me a small piece of wooden cake and I fawn over her baking skills. “This is incredible,” I say and she closes her eyes as a smile takes over her...

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The Difference Between Offering And Inviting

I tell people, as my child leaps into their arms, that she is the mega-extrovert. She is the embodiment of sanguine. She wins a room over, whether they want to be won or not. (She’ll make an excellent politician or 8th grade math teacher someday.) She is the definition of energy gained from socialization, and I? I’m the one who feels my energy depleting minute-by-minute, dish by dish, fresh baked...

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