Amy Baik Lee
Amy Baik Lee
Amy lives with her husband and two daughters in the American West, under a wide sky that helps her better grasp the expanse of God’s grace. She loves hearing stories of beauty and truth, exchanging letters, and slowing for afternoon tea and conversation. As a third-culture child, she’s drawn to all things that point Homeward to eternity, and writes to invite others to share the same hope. You can find her online at .
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Winter Blossoms, Shipping Fees, and Other Vehicles of Love

The day before my mother arrived for her semiannual visit, I spent twenty minutes at the floral display in the grocery store. My two wide-eyed little girls watched me, munching their breakfast in the shopping cart, as I wavered between clusters of snowy stock blooms and evergreen sprigs, lacy carnations and bright red berries. We'd bought her "welcome flowers" before, but they were never a high priority step in preparing...

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